Spring 2014

Dear Reader,The Spring 2014 season is about to really launch with fine art and craft shows nearly every weekend, including my own show, Art and Craft in the Garden on Sunday June 8. This will be the third Art and Craft in the Garden and attendance has grown dramatically with each show. The show is from 11am to 5pm at 690 East 18th Street, between Foster and Glenwood Avenues. This show will feature, among others, Richard Birkett with his handmade fantastical clocks and Valerie Beale, whose finely crafted silver and copper jewelry was recently featured in the gallery section of Metal Clay magazine. As we get closer to June 8, I'll be posting photos of the artists' work on the Art and Craft in the Garden Facebook page.I've also been very busy making a new line of moderately priced copper and brass bracelets with fanciful wiggles and bumps. All are polished to a high shine and coated with a clear polymer that's baked on. The coating greatly reduces tarnish. I had a great group of women this winter taking my intermediate wire and bead jewelry course. We had alot of fun too and experimented with new (for me, at least) chain maille patterns. I fell in love the authentic chain maille pattern used by medieval knights, which is called English Standard 4-in1 At present I have one in a silver/gold-fill combination and one in a copper/red brass combination. This is a flat chain maille linkage pattern with a lovely fluid drape to it. You can see pictures of these two in the Bracelets section of the Hungry Cat website. Which brings me to the website. I've just spent nearly week grooming the website and have added literally hundreds of new pieces of jewelry. I hope to see you soon! Please feel free to email me with ideas for jewelry you'd like to see or other ideas you may have.Have a great spring!CJ

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