Summer 2014

It was a terrific spring season with lots of well-attended show and interesting customers but it's nice to settle into the summer rhthym of teaching and making jewelry for the fall.I've been honing my metalsmithing skills, particularly soldering. I received this winter a terrific lesson in soldering from a very experienced and talented silversmith in Montana --- Doug Merril, who taught me among other things in our all too short afternoon together how to use multiple crosslocking tweezers to hold things together as you aim for a perfect solder seam. I tried his ideas out on my Trilobite Necklace where the backplate is created out of fine silver precious metal clay (PMC3) to which I soldered the fine silver bezel for the trilobite fossil stone.The Minor Deities necklace series was born out of making a mold of the trilobite fossil with the intention of creating earrings for the necklace. Low and behold the resulting fine silver ovals were too heavy for comfortable earrings and were eventually redeployed into pendants with elongated faces!I also hope to expand my range with copper and bronze metal clay this summer so stay tuned for new blog entries.

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